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Imagine your waiters handling double the amount of tables while improving customer service, imagine your customers receiving their drink orders while the waiter is still taking their food orders, imagine increasing your business by 20% or more. These scenarios and more are possible when mobile point of sale (POS) systems come into the picture.

RapidPOS is a cost effective mobile POS solution allowing you to speed up the ordering process, reduce incorrect orders, and increase profitability!

How it works
When a waiter takes an order, itís entered into the mobile handset; and sent wirelessly to the server unit in the kitchen where itís displayed on a touch-screen monitor as the last in the list of orders. The entire order is also immediately sent to a laser printer next to the cash register ready for when the customer calls for it.

This all happens within seconds of the order being taken allowing the waiter to immediately serve the next table without having to run around delivering order forms to different areas of the restaurant.

  • Faster Table Service
  • No More Lost Orders
  • Increased Sales
  • Easy to Use ó No Training Required
  • Clear, Legible Dockets
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Accurate Accounts
  • Immediate Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Inclusions
    Prior to installation we will give you a custom quote specific to your site. Click here to view our Standard System inclusions.

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