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Many businesses have paid thousands of dollars to set up their web presence, but then the site has just been left to grow old and die. Their information gets out of date, links to other sites stop working and new technologies emerge which make the site look tired and boring.

What you get
Web Management gives your site an ongoing commitment which includes regular updates, technical checks and upgrade and marketing recommendations. We work with you to ensure that your web presence is helping to actively grow your business and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Best of all, there are no long term contracts and you always have full and absolute control over your costs. And even though you probably don't want to get too involved in the technical aspects of your web site, we know that you want to understand and control what's going on.

What does it cost?
For an initial payment of $395 and then a monthly fee of $29, we will check your entire web site for broken links, spelling/grammatical errors, HTML and script coding errors, graphics problems, search engine placements and more. We will then send you a report detailing all of the problems associated with your site and give you a quote to repair them.

Then each month you will receive a report detailing your visitor statistics, any problems with your site and our recommendations for future upgrades etc.

Keep your site at optimum performance by signing up for Web Management today. Click here to contact us.

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